Easy Acrylics Art Set


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Getting started with art can be intimidating. We have used our expertise from our art-shop to put together some simple sets for you.

A fun exercise that you can do with this set is to try different techniques of acrylic painting. This is a great video on Youtube:

Jennifer Funnell Visual Arts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDzcoyeaRKI

The set comes with the following:

1 x A4 Acrylic Paper

1 x set of 12 small tubes

3 x brushes in various sizes

1 x spatula

All from Brighton based company Seawhite!

In addition, you will need an old plate or non- absorbant surface to mix paint on.  Remember to wash the brushes before they dry! You can use specialist soaps, but shampoo works really well!