Vincent Block Print Table Cloth, 150x220cm


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Working with highly skilled designers and crafters in India, the Olsson and Jensen team have designed a series of beautiful, block printed, tablecloths.

Hand carved wooden blocks are used in printing this product. They are printed by hand in a process that is hundreds of years old. Each piece is slightly different. Variations in colour and design are part of the design.

Modern processes are faster, cheaper, and more consistent, but the hand printed items have a charm that mass production cannot reproduce.

Thank you for selecting this earth friendly product. The choice supports the craft revival program which provides opportunities for crafters in small villages.

The cloth can be used as a tablecloth, end of bed decoration or as simple curtains. Simply hook them on to curtain rings with clips, thread on to a pole and you have a perfect, rustic curtain.

The autumnal tones of the cloth features a border of geometric designs in grey, ochre and black with a central panel of black and terracotta abstract flowers.

100% cotton

Hand wash separately