Fuchsia Pink Rustic Pillar Candle


These bright, Fuchsia Pink Pillar candles will add a pop of colour to any room. 

Adding bright accent colours into a room can create a real sense of personality and fun, and we love how this can be done with even small decorations like candles. 

Candle light is such a lovely way to create a cosy, ambient vibe and these pillar candles from Grand Illusions are slow-burning and scent-free - perfect for everyday use. 

Available in 3 sizes: 

Small: L: 70cm x H: 75cm, Burn time approximately 35 hours.

Tall: L: 70cm x H: 130cm, Burn time approximately 52 hours.

Large: L: 100cm x H: 100cm, Burn time approximately 65 hours.

Material: Paraffin. 

Care: Do not leave un-attended.