The last year has brought the things that truly matter in to sharp focus. It is for me seeing the people I love, working together and those every day interactions with customers in the shop. I am longing for those basic gatherings, any gathering!

In Dubai in the late 70s all the Swedish families used to meet on the beach. We would picnic and swim and play and be ecstatic if anyone brought us a basic ice lolly. I’m sure a lot of British families have this exact memory from UK beaches.

These events were unpretentious and unplanned. Then came the 80s with its competitive Yuppie culture. Crystal glasses for every meal, Filofaxes, Cartier watches, and who has the latest car/tech/toys. Not just an ice lolly, but a chocolate, caramel, nougat, Madagascar-vanilla lolly. It was fun, but ultimately, I longed for the simplicity of that 70s beach.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about interiors. We care a great deal about our environment, but it is self-expression, ethics, and functionality that inform the designs rather than any striving to impress.

For spring 2021 we have taken inspiration from the 70s and a longing for simplicity. As always, we select producers who are ethically and environmentally responsible and are working on having a larger share of Fair-Trade products.

So, dear friends. I hope we can meet on that beach soon again. Until then here are some images of our upcoming collection.

Images from Madame Stoltz and IB Laursen.

Brown glass soap pump and tooth brush holder Outdoor table setting with beldi glasses and corked caraffeSimple bamboo shelf and peg hanger for hallwayDried flowers hanging on a wooden fence

January 12, 2021 — Camilla Norberg