Here at the Deco Shop, we understand how important it is to do our little bit to help the planet. From reusing packaging, to avoiding plastic wherever we can- we do what we can behind the scenes to reduce our impact on the environment. We also try to choose our products responsibly, opting for stock made from natural materials, and from suppliers who align with our ethics. 
In honour of Earth Day, we thought we'd highlight some of these eco-friendly products.
1- Marseilles Dish Soap Bar & Ecovibe Plant-based Sponge.
Reducing plastic in the kitchen is easy! These soap bars have no packaging to end up in landfill, and are palm oil free. The plant-based sponge is plastic free, produced in the UK and completely compostable!
2- Pink Pig Sketchbooks.
Pink Pig Sketchbooks are produced by FSC certified mills. Their pages are acid free and fully recyclable when used! Choosing these products lowers your carbon footprint as each one is produced sustainably in the UK. 

3- Annings of Dorset Soap & Shampoo Bars.
Annings of Dorset soap and shampoo bars have an unusual ingredient- seashells! Sourced from sustainable fisheries, this by-product is reclaimed as a basis for the bars, making them longer lasting and providing a natural exfoliant. So long, plastic microbeads! In fact, this product is completely plastic free, as they come in recyclable cardboard packaging. 
4- Faiza Naturals Smudge Bundles.
These smudge bundles are sourced from organic, sustainable farms and are sun-dried. Their gorgeous scent is all natural, making a great alternative to aerosol air fresheners. They can even be popped in clothes drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh! 
5- Farrow and Ball Paint.
Did you know Farrow and Ball paint is all water based? All of their emulsion paints are rated as trace VOC, the lowest rating currently possible, and ingredients are responsibly sourced. AND, excluding the Distemper finishes, their paint is also cruelty-free and vegan friendly! 

We hope that by stocking these products, we can help our customers to shop more responsibly and reduce their impact on our lovely planet Earth! 
April 22, 2023 — Camilla Norberg
Paint & Wallpaper

Paint & Wallpaper

We stock paint and wallpaper!
Below we have compiled a list of our trusted suppliers, for more information about ordering paint or for colour advice - just ask a member of our team! 
Phone: 07944 242663
We have been a proud stockist of Farrow & Ball for many years and the quality of their paint and wallpaper never fails to impress. The company, which is based in the UK, has strong ethics and their highly pigmented paints are crafted to the highest standard. 
Their paint comes in a range of durable interior and exterior paint finishes which are made with an eco-friendly water base, are low-odour, low-VOC, and safe to use in every room of your home. Likewise, their wallpaper is sourced from sustainably managed forests and is vinyl-free.
Farrow & Ball California Collection: Faded Terracotta
There is no need to compromise on the intensity of colour, quality, or ethics when it comes to using Farrow & Ball paints within your home. 
This year we are seeing colour everywhere! From warm pinks and peaches to olive greens and rich blues. 
Morris & Co. Paint sample pots
Since 2022, Morris and Co. (the company which was originally founded by William Morris) have been producing their own paint range.
We are incredibly excited to be stockists of this product and are in love with their selection of colours, which pair beautifully with their classic wallpapers and fabrics. 
"In this versatile palette of 40 timeless hues, we pay homage to the company’s compelling artistic development, over 160 years after its creation in 1861. Drawing inspiration from original 19th century logbooks and William Morris designs in our archive, this authentic Morris & Co. palette is tailor-made for every budding craftsperson." - Morris & Co. 
Their paints are made with only premium ingredients which are planet-friendly. Choose from Chalky Matt or Water-Based Acrylic Eggshell and feel confident that you can find the right finish for both interior and exterior decorating. 
Zoffany offers an exciting range of premium quality paint which is available in a broad myriad of colours. 
"Each finish is crafted to the highest specification and infused with superior grade pigment. For you, this means flexibility to create decor schemes across your entire home, including walls, woodwork, metalwork and some exterior surfaces."
A few years ago we ordered the Zoffany colour 'Lapis' for a campaign we ran and painted our photo studio blue. The deep, rich colour created this incredible backdrop and we were not disappointed! 
Zoffany paint colour Lazuli
 In 1900 Arthur Sanderson introduced a small collection of paints to complement his wallpaper and fabric collections. Today, more than a century later, Sanderson offer 154 colours in a selection of finishes that can be used throughout the home. 
"Mixed according to time-honoured recipes and techniquesSanderson presents over 150 shades of premium paint in its eclectic palette.
you pick up a brush, order one of our paint charts and discover your favourite tones today."
Sanderson wallpapers and fabrics are produced with sustainability at their core, striving to preserve heritage and craftsmanship for future generations. Often teaming up with independent artists and designers, they have a range to suit all tastes and spaces.





January 10, 2023 — Camilla Norberg
Our top 5 Meraki products

Our top 5 Meraki products

The word 'Meraki' translates roughly to mean 'To do tasks with soul, creativity, and love'.

This beautiful sentiment seems to fit Meraki's range of products perfectly, and we love the idea of embodying those qualities when taking care of yourself. 

In a saturated market where shopping for 'self-care' and 'wellness' products can be overwhelming, Meraki stands out for its pared-back, unisex design, and gently scented, organic products. 

We recently heard about an App called 'Yuka' which you can use to scan food and cosmetic products, giving you an instant quality rating based on the ingredients and contents of a product. We were really impressed with how well the Meraki products faired when scanned into the app, with most of them coming out with 100% scores due to their natural, paraben-free ingredients. 

We've been a proud stockist of Meraki for many years and it has become a firm favourite with our customers (and us!). So we wanted to share our top picks with you and go into more depth about why we choose to stock this range and why we think it's an amazing brand! 


         No.1Harvest Moon Organic Hand Soap 

 The Harvest Moon hand soap was one of the first products I tried from the Meraki range, and now it's the one that I always seem to come back to. Certified Organic, it has a beautiful, fresh cactus flower scent and contains Aloe Vera extract, giving it a wonderful moisturizing quality. I suffer from very dry hands in the winter, so for me having a moisturizing hand soap is essential!


Tube of Meraki Face Exfoliate resting on a white towel

No.2.  Organic Face Exfoliate

Made with Apricot kernels, the Meraki Face Exfoliate is both brilliant for removing dead skin, and is also packed full of natural moisturizing ingredients. I use this product once or twice a week and leave it on (as instructed) for around 15 minutes as a face mask, it has gentle smell and it feels like it's really scrubbing your skin clean when you wash it off. Certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos and certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.


A tub of Meraki Hair Mask resting on a blanket

No.3 Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

One of my favourite self-care acts is to lather my hair in a hair mask, wrap it up in a towel and relax on the sofa in the evening with a film. As someone who has been colouring their hair for years, keeping it moisturized and healthy is something that I have to stay on top of. So when we first got this Deep Conditioning Hair mask at the shop, I jumped at buying a tub for myself and was really impressed with how soft and silky it made my hair. Made with shea butter and coconut oil, a little goes a long way. 


The Meraki Shadow lake Diffuser stands next to its box

No. 4 'Shadow Lake' Diffuser with Sticks

One of the first things our customers always say when they come into the shop is 'wow, what's that amazing smell?' - this is thanks to these amazing diffusers from Meraki. I find that room scent products can often be really overpowering, and they are something that I have avoided in the past. But the Meraki diffusers seem to fill the space with their delightful aromas without taking over. The Shadow lake diffuser is my favourite- it has a beautiful, sweet scent that reminds me of honeysuckle. We have had one on our counter for the past year and I'm still not bored of it! 

Meraki Harvest Moon Deodorant

No.5 Harvest Moon Deodorant 

Last but not least is the Harvest Moon Deodorant (can you tell I love Harvest Moon?). The main thing to say about this deodorant is that it works really well! The fresh scent has hints of rosemary and the deodorant contains nourishing organic oils. Working in the shop can be very dynamic, and I'm pleased to say that this deodorant has stood up to the test. 


Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy your Meraki journey! All product information is taken from the Meraki website and all opinions are based on our own experience using them. You can browse the full collection in our Bath & Body section.













The World Came to Us

The World Came to Us

Here at The Deco Shop, we have a worldly outlook for the Autumn/ Winter 2021. Most of the products that we sell are collaborations between European designers and their counterparts, the talented Asian and African crafters, and artists. The colours are rich and run from dark, brownish red to Lazuli blue with lots of natural materials adding texture and warmth.
October 04, 2021 — Camilla Norberg
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Every Day Rituals

Every Day Rituals

I guess the word “Hygge” is a little passé, but the concept of enjoying the small moments in life is still very much alive. Especially now as I have had more time to take notice! There is also a repetitiveness that I have seldom experienced before. Like many, I usually rush around trying to do any number of things at once.

With more time, I have realized how much I enjoy these everyday rituals. I think the things you use all the time are the most important. I don’t need a lot, but my morning coffee, that Paradiso blend from the Dyfi Wholefoods, is bliss. The “Harvest Moon” hand soap we sell gives me joy every time I use it. Lighting candles for dinner makes any meal special! The round carved little wooden spoon is so pleasing in the sugar jar. And, I finally organized all my spices in to jars. Every time I get them out now, for the ritual of cooking, it brings me joy.

Make your own list and see!

It doesn’t change anything, but everything becomes more bearable somehow.

Images from IB Laursen

Cosy bed styling with coffe tray and lit candle

January 12, 2021 — Camilla Norberg
Easy Living

Easy Living

The last year has brought the things that truly matter in to sharp focus. It is for me seeing the people I love, working together and those every day interactions with customers in the shop. I am longing for those basic gatherings, any gathering!

In Dubai in the late 70s all the Swedish families used to meet on the beach. We would picnic and swim and play and be ecstatic if anyone brought us a basic ice lolly. I’m sure a lot of British families have this exact memory from UK beaches.

These events were unpretentious and unplanned. Then came the 80s with its competitive Yuppie culture. Crystal glasses for every meal, Filofaxes, Cartier watches, and who has the latest car/tech/toys. Not just an ice lolly, but a chocolate, caramel, nougat, Madagascar-vanilla lolly. It was fun, but ultimately, I longed for the simplicity of that 70s beach.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about interiors. We care a great deal about our environment, but it is self-expression, ethics, and functionality that inform the designs rather than any striving to impress.

For spring 2021 we have taken inspiration from the 70s and a longing for simplicity. As always, we select producers who are ethically and environmentally responsible and are working on having a larger share of Fair-Trade products.

So, dear friends. I hope we can meet on that beach soon again. Until then here are some images of our upcoming collection.

Images from Madame Stoltz and IB Laursen.

Brown glass soap pump and tooth brush holder Outdoor table setting with beldi glasses and corked caraffeSimple bamboo shelf and peg hanger for hallwayDried flowers hanging on a wooden fence

January 12, 2021 — Camilla Norberg