Autumn is definitely here! In our corner of Wales, the rain has started falling with great ferocity.  I heard that it is due to the West winds, coming in over the Atlantic, which are particularly strong this time of year. This puts a slightly more romantic spin on the prevailing water-logged pavements. Even the rain is from abroad.

I have had enough of Brexit, travel restrictions and a lack of access to worldly inspiration. It is utterly beautiful where we live, and Machynlleth seems to me an open minded, caring place despite not being the epicentre of cultural, world spanning diversity. As our new T-shirt states “Small towns, not small minds”.  I’m also grateful that we have access to music, TV, food and the wonderful internet. All the same I dream of travelling. I want to be in a different environment and touch and breath in new influences. 

Even now, in October 2021, travelling still feels to me like a very distant possibility. Luckily the world has in some ways come to us through the collection this season.

Here at The Deco Shop, we have a worldly outlook for the Autumn/ Winter 2021. Most of the products that we sell are collaborations between European designers and their counterparts, the talented Asian and African crafters, and artists. The colours are rich and run from dark, brownish red to Lazuli blue with lots of natural materials adding texture and warmth.

There are warm velvets, rich block prints, baskets woven from grasses and other plants. Pretty much everything we sell is made from natural materials and has a handmade feel. Some with glazes and finishes that are unique to each item as the crafting processes throw out slight variations.

This week we have been taking pictures of the new items against a Lazuli (Zoffany) painted wall. The colour was inspired by the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. Jungalow, an amazing interiors company, shared an image on Instagram this spring that I have been obsessing over ever since. Look it up!

If you dream of going out into the world from your laptop here are my top tips:

  • Listen to our Spotify playlist “The world came to us”
  • Watch Kara Para Ask (Black Money Love) on Netflix. I am obsessed with this Turkish epic, with a love story masquerading as a detective series.
  • Watch “Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela” with the stunning Deepika Padukone and Rangveer Singh. Available on various streaming services. All singing and dancing, Bollywood Romeo & Juliet.
  • Shop online with us

Camilla Norberg
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