I guess the word “Hygge” is a little passé, but the concept of enjoying the small moments in life is still very much alive. Especially now as I have had more time to take notice! There is also a repetitiveness that I have seldom experienced before. Like many, I usually rush around trying to do any number of things at once.

With more time, I have realized how much I enjoy these everyday rituals. I think the things you use all the time are the most important. I don’t need a lot, but my morning coffee, that Paradiso blend from the Dyfi Wholefoods, is bliss. The “Harvest Moon” hand soap we sell gives me joy every time I use it. Lighting candles for dinner makes any meal special! The round carved little wooden spoon is so pleasing in the sugar jar. And, I finally organized all my spices in to jars. Every time I get them out now, for the ritual of cooking, it brings me joy.

Make your own list and see!

It doesn’t change anything, but everything becomes more bearable somehow.

Images from IB Laursen

Cosy bed styling with coffe tray and lit candle

Camilla Norberg