The Sky Collection

The Sky Collection

As we come to the end of summer, we're taking a moment to reflect on the year we've had so far. This year's seasonal shift feels very much in motion, there is a coolness to the air and the days are starting to feel shorter again.

Living in rural Wales, we feel very connected to these seasonal changes. Our shop is situated right on the edge of the Snowdonia National park and only 10 miles away from the sea. We are often blessed with stunning sunsets in the west and dramatic clouds in the north, which hang above the mountains that surround our little town of Machynlleth. 

It's these everyday wonders that inspire us and make it such a special place to live or visit.  

Our Sky collection is a homage to the elements. It's all about light and shadow, clean whites, cool blues, and moody greys. 

Take a look at our Pinterest board to see what inspired the collection. 


         Our top picks from the collection


Velvet Cushions,Ib Laursen 




'Rustic' tableware, House Doctor 




               Candle Stoneware holders,Madam Stoltz 





Ceramic 'Milos' Table Lamp, Grand Illusions 

















September 01, 2022 — Camilla Norberg