Parmesan Cheese & Basil Salt Grinder


This sea salt with parmesan cheese and basil is an incredible addition to your cooking. Enjoy the wonderful flavour on your pasta dishes, risotto and pizza. Or use the salt from Nicolas Vahé as a flavour enhancer for your crunchy salads and roast potatoes when you want a hint of savoury and sweet. The mill comes with a ceramic grinder which gives you finely ground spices. This releases the oils for more aroma and flavour in your dishes.

Ingredients: sea salt 97%, @parmesan cheese 3% (@milk, salt, rennet), dehydrated basil, parsley powder, essential basil oil.

Size: 320 g.

Nutrition per 100g serving: 

Energy kJ:51

Energy kcal:12


- Of which saturates:0.6

- Monounsaturated (g):0

- Of which polyunsaturates:0


- Of which sugars:<0.1